Water Pumps

Residential, commercial, and municipal submersible water pumps.

Basement Flooding? We Can Help!

Kocher’s sells, installs, and repairs all brands/types of sump pumps. We do offer basement pumping and dewatering services as well.

convertible jet

Convertible Jets

  • Used for both Shallow or Deep Well Applications
  • Bolt-Down guide vane, stainless steel wear ring
  • Full casing Diaphragm gasket prevents mechanical seal from running dry
  • Automatically reprimes
  • Easy to service
  • Powered for continuous operation
  • Corrosion resistant

constant pressure pump system

Constant Pressure Pump System

  • Constant Pressure — No Difference in Water Pressure, Regardless of Water Demand
  • Smaller Tank Size — Less Space Required and Lower Cost

Constant Pressure Systems can provide:

  1. Constant pressure in a wide range of settings [25 psi to 80 + psi]
  2. Soft starts which increase the life of the pump
  3. Provide built in diagnostics and pump protection from power surges, low voltage, high voltage, bad well tanks, broken pipes, dry well protection with auto restart.
  4. Reduce well tank size

Perfect for a Variety of Applications Including:

  • Residential Wells
  • Multi-Bathroom Homes
  • Small Irrigation Systems
  • Homes with Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Locations Where Space Limits Tank Size
  • Residential Wells and Water Systems
  • Commercial Water Systems and Wells


constant pressure pump system


  • Heavy-Duty Butyl Diaphragm
  • Rigid Polypropylene Liner
  • Stainless Steel System Connection
  • Two Coat High Performance Exterior
  • Heavy-Duty Polypropylene Base Eliminates Corrosion
  • 2 Gallon to 119 Gallon capacity

Types of Pumps

4″ Submersibles


Franklin Electric

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