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Water treatment is an essential process that plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing the safety and quality of our drinking water. Across the nation, water treatment plants operate continuously to cleanse and purify water before it reaches our homes and flows from our taps.

🔍 Key Aspects of Water Treatment Include:

  • Initial Filtration: Targets larger impurities to prepare water for further purification.
  • Chemical Treatment: Adds specific chemicals to neutralize harmful substances.
  • Final Filtration: Removes any lingering impurities to ensure water quality.

Public Health Impact

Understanding the intricacies of the water treatment process not only boosts our confidence in the water we consume but also highlights the essential role that each treatment plant plays in safeguarding public health.

Trusted Brands for Residential & Community Water Systems

We specialize in installing top-tier brands known for their excellence in the treatment process, ensuring that your water supply meets the highest standards of drinking water quality:

  • ATS: Known for durability and high-performance filtration.
  • CHARGER: Offers advanced technology for efficient water treatment.
  • MARLO-INC.: Specializes in customizable solutions for various water treatment needs.
  • MASTER: Renowned for long-lasting systems and excellent customer service.

Our expertise extends beyond installation; we offer comprehensive service for various brands – whether your system is designed for raw water treatment or focuses on the distribution system through which treated water passes, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle all aspects of maintenance and repair.

This ensures that your drinking water treatment process remains efficient and effective, safeguarding the quality of your water supply.

Get Your Free Water Quality Tests Today!

Understanding the quality of your water supply is crucial for your health and well-being, especially as water passes through various stages at the water treatment plant. Our free tests focus on key water parameters that are essential in the treatment process:

  • Iron: Detect levels of iron in your water, a common issue that treatment plants aim to resolve.
  • Hardness: Measure the mineral content, which can affect the sedimentation process in the treatment plant.
  • pH: Assess the acidity or alkalinity, which is crucial for optimizing the treatment process.
  • Manganese: Identify manganese concentrations, often removed alongside suspended solids in water treatment technologies.

We collaborate with certified labs for specialized or advanced tests, such as detecting synthetic organic compounds. These specialized tests are subject to a fee. Don’t hesitate—call us today for more details and ensure your water meets the highest standards set by water treatment technologies and plants!

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The Benefits of Soft Water: Why It Matters

Soft water can significantly enhance your quality of life in various ways, from promoting better skin and hair health to extending the lifespan of your household appliances.

But what sets soft water apart? It undergoes a specialized treatment process that aligns with World Health Organization guidelines for water quality parameters. This often involves coagulation, where substances like aluminum sulfate and chlorine dioxide are used to purify the water.

For an in-depth look at the advantages of soft water, download this detailed flyer.

Advanced Sulfur and Iron Removal Solutions

The presence of sulfur and iron in your water supply can lead to various issues, from unpleasant odors to staining and even health risks. Our advanced treatment solutions employ a multi-stage process that includes coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation filtration and disinfection. This ensures that natural organic matter and other contaminants present are effectively removed.

For an in-depth look at our state-of-the-art sulfur and iron removal technologies, download this detailed brochure.

Advanced Ultraviolet Water Treatment Solutions

Ultraviolet treatment is a cutting-edge method for purifying water, effectively removing fine particles and dissolved substances. Disinfection is highly efficient, targeting larger particles and ensuring optimal human health without excessive energy consumption.

Our systems are designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing efficiency, even in the settling process where larger particles are separated from the water.

Comprehensive Automatic Filters for Water Purification

Ensuring access to potable water is crucial for health and well-being. Our automatic filters are designed to tackle various water quality issues, effectively transforming contaminated water into clean, safe water for consumption and use.

Our filters specialize in removing:

Iron & Manganese

Essential for producing water free from metallic taste and staining.

Sulfur & Sediment

Effective in eliminating suspended matter and unpleasant odors.

Color & Turbidity

Utilizes activated carbon to clarify water.

Taste & Odor

Advanced filtration to improve the sensory quality of your water.

Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Herbicides, Chemicals

Comprehensive solutions for removing harmful substances.

For an in-depth look at our Clack WS1 Filter Prep System, download the detailed brochure.

To explore our range of residential filters, visit Marlo Inc’s product page.

Advanced Water Softeners for Comprehensive Treatment

Water softeners are a critical component in the treatment processes that ensure compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. Our systems employ advanced technologies, including the coagulation process and flocculation process, where substances like ferric chloride are used to help particles bind together. This is followed by a disinfection process and settling in a settling tank, ensuring that your water is soft and safe to drink.

Our water softeners are particularly effective in treating river water and are designed to produce water that meets the stringent standards set by the Safe Drinking Water Foundation.

Explore our range of advanced water softeners:

Efficient Chemical Feed Pumps for Advanced Water Treatment

Chemical feed pumps play a vital role in water treatment, effectively neutralizing pathogenic bacteria and aiding in the formation of floc particles. Our selection of pumps is designed to optimize operating costs while ensuring the highest water quality standards.

Our featured brands include:

  • Stenner: Known for their adjustable output pumps, Stenner offers reliable solutions for precise chemical dosing. These pumps are particularly effective when used with UV light for enhanced disinfection. Learn More
  • Pulsafeeder: A leader in chemical feed technology, Pulsafeeder offers a range of products to meet various water treatment needs.
    • Chem-Tech: Specializes in accurate and reliable chemical dosing. Discover Products
    • Pulsatron: Offers advanced features for high-capacity applications. Explore Options

Advanced Reverse Osmosis Systems for Pure Water

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a cutting-edge technology that purifies water supplies by forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane. Our RO systems utilize specialized filter media made from different materials to ensure the highest water quality.

Explore our range of advanced reverse osmosis systems:

Clack RO: For an in-depth look at our Clack RO systems, download the detailed brochure.